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Pre Class Guidelines

Class Introduction and Safety Checks

There are health and safety checks for participants, bikes and the cycling studio that need to be carried out at the beginning of each class.  

Pre-class Check

Prior to arriving at the facility the studio/indoor cycling class must be planned and music selected.  When you arrive at facility check stereo, microphone, air conditioning/ventilation, temperature of the studio (16-20C), fire exit is clear, check pedal straps for excess wear and tear and correct threading.  


Participants should complete a written screening form prior to joining a gym or enrolling in a studio/indoor cycling class for the first time.  A thorough verbal screening of clients must be carried out before every class.  Check participants are well and have appropriate clothing, footwear, a towel and water before each class.

Cycling shorts are made of high wicking fabric and offer essential comfort and protection due to chamois.  Participants who require additional comfort should bring a gel saddle to class.  Cotton is not a suitable fabric – cycling jerseys/shirts are made from high tech synthetic fibres which wick sweat away from the body.  Stiff soled cycling shoes are recommended.  They offer support and facilitate power during the pedal stroke.  Cycling shoes decrease foot fatigue.  Participants will find that trainers/runners have insufficient support and can leave feet numb during cycling sessions.  

Every participant should be required to bring a small towel to studio/indoor cycling class to prevent sweaty hands from slipping on handlebars and to mop up sweat from bike and surrounding areas.  To reduce the risk of dehydration participants should be advised to take regular water breaks (Recommended consumption - 1 litre for 45 minute class).  

Download Checklist
Pre-Class, Introduction, Screening, Fixed Gear and Bike Set Up Checklist

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