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History of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling was first started in California, USA in the late 1980s by Johnny Goldberg (Johnny G), a South African born endurance athlete.  He was preparing for the “Race Across America”.  He needed a form of training that he could complete regardless of the weather.  He wanted an alternative to outdoor cycle training during winter months. He created a stationary bike with a weighted flywheel that simulated an outdoor bike.   


What is indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling is a group exercise class which uses stationary bikes specifically designed for indoor cycling.  A typical indoor cycling class consists of simulated hills and flats, varying cycling speeds and seated and standing options.  Each participant is in charge of their own level of work by means of a variable resistance mechanism.
A competent NCEF qualified indoor cycling instructor can facilitate participants of varying fitness levels and cycling abilities to participate in the same class and enjoy a workout that is appropriate to them.  

The popularity of indoor cycling classes has grown in the past two decades.  It provides an enjoyable and effective form of cardiovascular exercise for all ages and fitness levels.  

Recent Developments in Indoor Cycling

Web Racing™ is adding a new dimension to stationary bikes and studio cycling classes via online interactive, virtual reality cycling trails/routes where class participants can view an avatar of each person on a screen and cycle interactively during an exercise session.  Web chat capabilities are built into the software of each bike.  Groups can be in a single studio class or cycle with other teams connected over the internet.  The Web Racing™ software controls the bike’s resistance through different landscapes so when a hill/flat comes on screen the client will feel the effects.  In this indoor cycling setting the Exercise and Health Fitness Instructor still coaches and motivates as usual.   

Johnny G teamed up with bike manufacturers Schwinn to build a bike suitable for indoor cycling and a training programme to accompany it called Spinning ®.  This training programme became a great success in the USA and worldwide.  Later Johnny G left Schwinn to join Mad Dogg Athletics.  

This company currently holds the Spinning® trademark.  Only fitness instructors who train with Johnny G’s official Spinning® programme can use Spinning® to describe their classes.  Indoor cycling or studio cycling should be used to describe all other programmes.