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Studio Cycling (SS3091) : Blended Learning : Learn as you live!

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Assessment Overview

1. Theory Assessment – Weighting 20% online written assessment  Sample Assessment

2. Video Practical Assessment: Weighting 80%

Part A (15-20 minutes):  Introduction & Screening, Fixed Gear, Bike Set Up with a complete beginner.  Refer to checklist.  Evidence of use of checklist must be included in Part A of class plan.  

Part B Studio cycling session (30 minutes maximum): Teaching 6 studio/indoor cycling core movements/techniques and 1 stretch (glutes/iliotibial band/iliopsoas) to a mixed group of 6 participants in a studio/cycling session.  

Class plan must be included with USB submission.

You will be required to demonstrate effective teaching and safety points for each movement/technique, visually and verbally check for common errors (observation and correction) and motivate participants to achieve their training goals in your studio/indoor cycling session.  

Your Video submission must be recorded in a single take for each part (Part A & Part B) i.e. each section should show you in a live practical teaching situation not a professional edited promotional Video.  

Ensure that all participants fully understand that the Video is for assessment purposes.  

Perform a sound and lighting check before recording both sessions.  Have several trial runs of the Video and evaluate against the marking criteria and submit the one you consider the best.  

The NCEF student must remain in shot throughout the sessions.  In Part A, shoot the saddle height and KOPS check from the side.  In Part B, make sure you and your clients are visible.  

Before you submit your Video assessment watch the Video and check that you can be clearly heard and seen throughout.

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